Confessions of Faith

Shared Beliefs and Values: Evana Network was formed with an embrace of the teachings of the Confession of Faith in Mennonite Perspective, 1995 and continues to hold this confession as the guide for overall network practice and decision-making.

We also are a broader movement which embraces partnerships with existing evangelical Anabaptist congregations, denominations, conferences, districts and independent congregations. As we develop partnerships, we encourage congregations, agencies, schools and other institutions that are affiliated with any of the groups below to embrace the listed confessions or statements from their own denomination or global communion along with the required commitments that are defined in our covenant.  If you would like to include any additional confessions or statements, please contact us at Additional confessions or theological commitments will only be approved by the Evana Network board if they do not contain commitments that are in contradiction to our covenant.

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